KOREXX Creations

is a Nigeria based Design and Creative Outfit with a passion to inspire and innovate! We provide creative solutions to a diverse range of clients. We create stunning ideas for special projects, innovations, inventions and socio-development for rapid development and benefit of all.


We create unique & innovating ideas to offer out to the Public Companies, Governments, Agencies, Groups and the Society. Through our Creative Ideas, We are in partnership with government/ Private Organizations across the globe for positive actualization. We create Imaginary Art, Photo Art and Natural Art that are captivating. these are sold out to the globe. We compose & write unique story-lines and scripts for Imaginary Art, Photo Art, Advertisement, film productions etc. We create superb Documentaries that concerns places, Individuals, Histories, and Events inclusive of Photos, Publications and Video Productions. We are passionate about creating innovating ideas to Technology and Inventing Companies that will enhance rapid development and great solutions to the world at large.